Why do landlocked countries have naval forces?



Why do landlocked countries have naval forces?

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In this case, they are not ocean navies but are used to patrol large lakes, rivers, or inland seas. Generally these would be pretty small navy forces consisting of things like small patrol boats, not like big cruisers or destroyers.

While they may not have access to the ocean, most of these countries have lakes and rivers that require an official presence.

* they often have internal waterways in need of protection
* they have treaties with other countries that give them access to the sea, and wish to protect their interests there

To patrol lakes, waterways, and inland seas.

Especially where those bodies of water have a border running through them.

Lake and river patrols, often these are the borders with other countries where a lot of smuggling and other events benefit from the country having naval patrol vessels.

Another example is Bolivia, who after a war lost access to the sea, but still maintains a navy.


Just for the record, it’s not just countries!

Dead in the middle of the United States, there’s also the [Nebraska Navy](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nebraska_Navy).