Why do other animals seem to “know” the world shorty after birth but humans need so much care and attention when they’re babies before they can do anything on their own?


I recently saw a trending video where baby bobcats were already running around and playing with each other right after birth and then started thinking how other animals seem to also do a lot of things without their parents unlike a human baby.

In: Biology

Humans are born early, because our hips are narrower in order to walk upright. As a result, infants need a while to develop still.

Physically developing we are close to a bobcat or other animals in terms of lifespan.

We have a much, much more complex world than any other animal does though. We have to eat that play-doh and stick that key in the electric socket to learn that we want to be a philosophy major or an architect.

Bobcats can’t build skyscrapers, baby.