Why do our hands naturally move back and forth while walking?



Was just on a walk and it crossed my mind

In: Biology

Your arms work as a counterbalance to the movement of your legs and body. As you move body parts around your center of gravity moves around and you naturally move other body parts to try and keep your balance. You can still walk without moving your arms, but its less efficient and tiring since now you need to use different muscles and posture to try and retain your balance.

When you swing your leg forward, your body’s natural reaction is to twist. By swinging your opposite arm forward at the same time, you counteract the twisting and turn it into more stable forward motion.

When we put our right leg forward, it’s easier to maintain balance by countering that position by putting our left arm forward, and vice versa with left leg and right arm.

Swinging momentum that’s all. Try to hold your arm still; you’re engaging your delts to keep them from swinging. Relax your muscles and your arms will naturally swing again