– why do our muscles hurt more the day after a workout than in the hours after the actual workout?


What is it about going to sleep that makes us wake up sore? Isn’t sleep supposed to help repair the muscle fibers that were strained during the workout?

In: Biology

As they heal after a workout they can get stiff. Usually moving and stretching fixes this, but you don’t do that in your sleep.

The soreness just means that your body is in the muscle-repairing process. You don’t get the soreness straight away because your body hasn’t begun that process yet.

Delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS for short. It’s the muscle fibres repairing that causes most of the pain which starts to occur a day or so after the damage (exercise) has been done

Basically when we are working out and we are not getting as much oxygen our body does something called aerobic breathing. Where it produces lactic acid and that will go to our muscles and act as oxygen so that the oxygen we are breathing in will go to vital organs. That lactic acid gets trapped in our muscles causing then to pain