Why do our taste buds change after we age?



Why do our taste buds change after we age?

In: Biology

That is a natural phenomenon. All organs in the body undergo ageing and reduction of functionality beyond a certain age.

That’s because the body regeneration / rejuvenation mechanism diminishes, and new cells don’t replenish the loss of the cells which die. This is what happens on the tongue too – taste buds are just cells which are frequently replenished.

The rate of degeneration, and rejuvenation, differs in different individuals. In some, it happens in the 60s; in others it is not significant till very old age. Tongue is part of the protective sensory mechanism of the body, so it functions substantially till very old age.

Appetite also gradually reduces, as does digestive capacity. Most people become very selective about what they eat (in much less quantity than when they were younger). Some start totally hating what they loved most of their lives.