Why do penises get smaller in cold water?


Why do penises get smaller in cold water?

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Because closer to your body is warmer. Think about it like your whole body is cold. So you curl up in a ball to conserve heat. Penises and testicles do the same, to prevent being frozen off.

Testicles will move in closer towards the body to help keep warm. The penis will shrink as there’s less blood flow to it in cold conditions. Just like how an erection is achieved by drastically increasing blood flow to it.

The majority of the penis is made of erectile tissue. Erectile tissue, the one that “hardens” when the penis is stimulated, runs on blood flow. Blood flow is dependent on the caliber or diameter of the blood vessels in that area. Blood vessels shrink when exposed to cold temperatures—this is why people tell you to put an ice pack on a bruise or a sprained ankle, to help with the swelling. Shrunk blood vessels permit less blood to flow, thereby preventing blood from “powering up” the erectile tissue. This causes the penis to even “shrink” to a size smaller than when it’s in room temperature.

Not directly related to OP’s question although kinda similar.
This article (https://blog.awkwardhuman.com/whats-that-tingling-sensation-in-your-lower-extremities-when-looking-down-from-an-extreme-height-414254c9cb76) about that funny feeling in your testicles i.e. when you rise quickly, gain speed, etc., claims it might be related to a mechanism that protects your private parts, so that you’re good to go and proliferate once the weird stuff is over.
I imagine that apart from the reasons mentioned by other redditors, you just don’t need them at the moment. Cold is not a fortunate condition to have sex. Same goes for exercise, the shrinkage is real.