Why do people get static electricity shock during winters the most? What causes it and what can be done to prevent or at least reduce it?


OP is getting a lot of shocks this year but this STUPlD auto M0d is deleting this post so explain the causes and if there are ways to reduce these shocks

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It’s caused by dry air, which is caused by indoor heating. Use an air humidifier to reduce it. Or ground yourself regularly to get rid of the static charge.

It’s less humid during winter. When the air is humid it’s more able to dissipate static charge before it builds up to a level that causes a shock. You can reduce it by using a humidifier to increase the humidity in your house, periodically grounding yourself also helps.

Snowy weather sucks the moisture out of the air (thats where the snow comes from) and that combined with wearing multiple layers (fabrics rubbing against each other) leads to static electricity.

I actually talked to my doctor about this because I kept getting zapped so bad.

She suggested making sure my skin was hydrated and not dry. She explained it, but I don’t really remember why now. I started using more lotion after her recommendation and the number of shocks I received dropped drastically.

So it while humidifying the air should help, hydrating yourself should too.

Besides the dry air, which has an impact, the other big factor is to address where the charge fingers from in the first place.

It is caused whenever two different materials are rubbed together. One grabs the electrons, the other loses them.

In the winter we tend to wear more layers, often with very different fabrics. Reducing the number of layers or trying to keep fabrics similar can help reduce shocks.