Why do people stop feeling hunger after a while, and why does eating again cause a stomachache?


Is it psychological, like it’s not helpful to feel hunger after a while so your brain turns it off, or a biological reaction?

I’m talking about within 1-2 days, not refeeding syndrome

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It’s psychological and physiological. When you eat the food is broken down and sent to the blood and the brain is all like OMG there’s so much sugar in the blood bring it into the cells and so all the cells are like give me that sugar!!!!!! Then the cells take too much sugar and your brain is like woah wtf we have no sugar we need to eat!!!!!! But the cells are like well we have an f ton of sugar we can just release it back to the blood, chill out brain. But It takes the brain like 20 minutes to get the message from the cells and the cells put some sugar back in the blood and the brain is chill again and you’re not hungry buuuuuuut the cells put just a little too much sugar in the blood and the brain starts tripping again and yells at the cells to take in more sugar.

This repeats until the sugar levels balance out and you’re not getting wild cravings.

Psychologically you may be used to eating at certain times or feel more comfortable and less stress while eating or just having food available.

You get a tummy ache when you eat again because your organs slow down and stop digesting food and your stomach shrinks. When you eat again you’re stretching it out and shocking the system and all the organs are turned on and start dumping chemicals into the digestive system. Similar to the sugar they may over do it and it takes a while to regulate.