Why do people’s vein patterns look different?


Why do people’s vein patterns look different?

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Same reason their freckles are going to be different. Or their hairs all fall in a slightly different place. Or they’ve got slightly different shaped finger nails and everyone has a unique fingerprint.

Your body is created via a set of instructions dictated by your DNA and your DNA is a unique combination that has never been seen on this planet before and will never been seen again. This why there are tiny differences between every single person alive.

EDIT: Should have added that environmental factors can also play a role in the expression and “aging” or certain genes. And no two people are going to have the exact same environment. If you look through it with a fine tooth comb, you will find differences and these can influence physical characteristics as well, not just your personality.

Not only do they look different, but it’s been suggested that the veins on the back of your hand are as unique as your fingerprints.
Our DNA instructions tell veins to get the blood back to the heart, but the instructions are not extremely rigorous standards, they’re just “good enough to survive”