Why do personal boats require so much maintenance?


Everyone I’ve ever known who has owned a boat is always complaining about how much work it takes year round. Why is this still an issue?

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Mostly its because of moisture, UV rays, and oxygen. Take a nice boat and put in a pitch black cave in a vacuum chamber and it’s going to stay pristine. Now go bounce it on waves and and drench fiberglass, stainless, copper, plastics, glue, woods, glass, wires, leather, chrome, and many other components, then leave it to bake in the sun, repeat, repeat,, oh wait, it’s raining that lightly acidic rain from smog, maybe you got some salt in the air because you’re near the Gulf, or an ocean… get the idea? It’s a harsh environment and all the molecules are being attacked by the elements over and over.

Because the favorite hobbies of boats are:

* rusting to shit
* springing leaks
* rusting to shit
* getting overgrown by algae and barnacles
* did I mention rusting to shit? ([this is one *week* in sea air, would be one day in actual saltwater](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBp5Ad3MF-Y))

It lives in corrosion and destructive conditions. However, it’s not that bad if you do maintenance and cleaning regularly. The people that complain the most usually don’t do anything until it’s gone to far.