Why do phishers deliberately use bad grammar or spelling?


Doing data protection training and it says ‘Many hackers misspell words… on purpose.’
I’m glad this makes scams easier to spot but it just doesn’t seem to make sense to me as a useful tactic at all.

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If you’re uneducated enough to not pick up from the poor spelling and grammar that it’s probably a scam then you’re more likely to ultimately give them money.

In essence it’s to weed out people that won’t ultimately pay them.

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I heard somewhere (I can’t remember where) that if people are put off by the grammar than they don’t usually fall for the scam. The people who aren’t put off by the grammar are more likely the fall for the scam.

Why waste time on people who won’t fall for the scam when you could easily separate them from people who are more likely to fall for the scam.

So it’s a way of weeding out the “dummies” from the “smarties”

There’s one main reason, although you’ll it’s not the one you’re likely going to hear. The one you’re likely going to hear will talk about human psychology and wanting to separate the smart folks from the dumb folks. While interesting in and of itself, this isn’t the reason.

The real reason is they’re trying to avoid spam filters. That’s it. There’s no psychology behind it, they’re just trying to get around the spam filter bots that are in place with texting, instant messaging, and email services.

It is not there to filter for people more likely to fall for the scam.

They are avoiding spam filters.

You can always send more spam, that’s easy. Real work of scamming starts when someone responds. So you want to make sure only a complete moron takes the bait, otherwise you are wasting your time on trying to scam people you are not going to get money from.

Hmmzz… should hook ChatGPT up to talk with scammers…. wouldn’t that be fun.