Why do restaurants allow you to get your own beverage refill, but movie theaters do not?



Theaters charge way more for their food, but they can’t take the loss? I assume folks wouldn’t even have time to abuse it, because they’d be busy watching movies. Meanwhile, (most) fast food restaurants charge way less and there’s no way they’re not losing money over me getting more refills than I need, right?

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Given that refill cost less than $0.10 there isn’t a reason other than self-destructive greed.

Movie theaters are dying and its *not* because of Netflix and streaming. Its because they’ve become so ungodly and outrageously over priced that there’s no reason go go.

Some do; my local AMC theater lets you get your own drink, you just have to buy the cup at the concession stand. They also let you add your own butter, which is great. Of course, I haven’t been to a theater in over a year, as you can probably imagine.

Soda is a really cheap commodity for theaters and restaurants, they make good money off the write up.

For theatres, ticket sales are not their main profit source, concessions are.

Most movies do a profit share with theatres but some production companies use the fact their movie is a big blockbuster to strong arm the theatre into an unfavorable deal.

For example, if a theatre wanted to show the newest avengers movie, they might have to give up 100% of their ticket sales to Disney for opening week or two, the most profitable time for a movie release.

To make up for it, theatres charge an ungodly amount for their concessions, but unlike a restaurant they have a much bigger overhead.