Why do some blood test take longer to result then others?

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I just got lab work done CBC, CMP, testosterone and estradiol. My CBC/CMP came back next day. The testosterone and estradiol haven’t results and could take 10 days. What makes it take longer to run hormones?

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Usually it’s because it has to be sent to another lab, while CBC/CMPs are usually done on site or very close by.

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 Some tests can be run straight from the sample while others need to have mixing agents or blood separated for accurate measurments.  This means the lab might wait for several samples that need the same test so the equipment is used at maximum capacity

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Less common tests are run at fewer facilities, so there’s normally some time needed for the samples to be shipped to the more specialized labs.

Also, labs will commonly run the less frequently needed tests in batches because it’s not cost- or resource-effective to do otherwise.

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I have lab experience.  At my last lab job, we had tests that, from the time the sample showed up, we could have it resulted out within 15-20 minutes.  Almost never happened, because it makes more sense to wait for multiple samples and because personnel and equipment.  Another test we did there required hours of prep just to actually run it on a cytometer and then it’s needs to be resulted out (and checked by another person).  My current lab, a sample won’t be run until a few days after it arrives to our facility and the preparation process itself takes several days.  Usually 5-7 days total. 

Depends on shipping/location, personnel, equipment (amount of, out of service instruments, etc.), and type of test.