Why do some bruises not hurt at all?



From my understanding bruises are wounds under the skin. Since they are wounds they would normally hurt whenever something touches them. Why do some bruises not hurt at all but are discolored for months?

On a side note, don’t our skin touch the wound too? That means that the wound should hurt right?

In: Biology

A bruise is caused by internal bleeding. Blood vessels under the surface have been damaged and leaked blood into surrounding tissues. As it gets cleaned up, you’ll see the bruise change from red to purple to brown and then fade away.

It can take longer to clean up the mess than it does to repair the original injury, so the bruise may persist long after the initial swelling and soreness has gone away.


Your body is not a complete cluster of sensitive nerves, there are places with more or less sensitivity. Your skin is part of your body, and most of the time you don’t feel the sensation of its mass any more than you feel the air against your skin. Only when something changes do you notice.