Why do some buildings have multiple, different types of A/C units?


I just saw 6 individual units lined up outside an apartment building but only 2 were the same kind.

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During the original construction all six were probably the same, but four have failed over the years and been replaced by different tenants.

For non-residential buildings, it’s common to have different sized HVAC equipment for different sized interior spaces. The front offices and the cavernous loading dock have different needs.

Maybe Installed in different times but the place is the same due to water disposal and power source?

All that matters is output and efficiency. So when one dies the replacement doesn’t need to be the same, just have a similar output with hopefully better efficiency.

Also, not all apartments in a building have the same layout. Some are bigger and therefore need units with larger outputs.

Individual units may have/be responsible for their own AC compressor and replace at various times.

All good, reasonable replies. Thanks all!