Why do some workouts (like abs) cut down size while some (like biceps) build size?


Why do some workouts (like abs) cut down size while some (like biceps) build size?

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you’ve got it wrong. if you do ab workouts you’re building muscle on your abs. any slimming down is a side effect of working out, since spot reduction is a myth. ie you cannot target where you lose fat from, but you can target muscle growth. so it may just be an illusion or you may be losing fat overall.

Well…they don’t.

Exercising muscle builds muscle fibers.

To reduce the size of one’s belly, you need to reduce your body fat percentage. Less overall body fat means more visible muscle tone, like having defined abs.

Doing ab exercise burns some calories, but doesn’t really contribute an awful lot to reducing body fat. The main thing to do is cut down on calories going in to the body, and cardio type exercise to burn calories.

Any workout will build muscle size (including abs). People that work out and eat better lose fat which makes it look like your abs are getting smaller, but really it’s just your stomach fat on top of your abs disappearing.

Abs are typically visible in men that hit around 10% body fat.


So ab workouts aren’t really cutting down size per say. Basically all workouts that have to with strength/lifting are building more muscle (increasing size) but abs seem a little different for two reasons. One reason is although your abs are increasing in size, there’s typically a layer of fat that is covering it so you don’t see them increasing in size until you get to lower body fat percentages and it seems like your size is decreasing because you are losing overall body fat which decreases your overall waist line. The other reason is because there are a multitude of ab muscles. There’s the typical rectus abdominis which is the main one people are familiar with (six pack) but there is another lesser known under called the transversus abdominis that actually pulls in your ab muscles tighter to your body as it strengthens which also makes your core seem slimmer. The transversus abdominis is strengthened through your normal ab workouts but can be targeted a little more through ab workouts where you need to suck in your stomach or hold your abs tight like stomach vacuums or planks