Why do the dead bodies of bacteria and germ does not affect our health.


Cooking food or boiling water kills the harmful creatures living in them but the dead bodies remain there only. Do we not need to filter the dead bodies out too?

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They can affect your health. Bacteria poop out various toxins that can’t be neutralized with heat alone.

If you have a piece of meat that’s been left out, allow the bacteria to multiply enough, you can still get sick even if you cook it.

There is no fundamental difference between dead bacteria and dead animals or plant cells. So we break them down in our digestive system like other food we eat.

Beef is just dead animal cell, carrot dead plant cells. If you cook it you get broth from different types of cells.

So the thing of it as a week bacteria broth just like if you would boil a bit of meat.


That said you can necessarily consume stuff that has bacteria growing on them if you boild them. The problem is not the bacteria but when they produce when they break down stuff. For example, the smell of rotten eggs that is common from decomposition is hydrogen sulfide it is very toxic heating it up would not destroy. It might evaporate but other stuff bacteria produce will not.
So it is the stuff that it produces when bacteria break down food that can be dangerous even after cooking when the bacteria is dead.

You can eat and do eat some stuff that specific bacteria produce. Cheese is produced from mil by bacteria when they convert milk sugars into lactic acid. So if it is safe to eat depend on what bacteria and what you give to them.

Think of germs as little machines that can harm you, if they are operating inside your body.

When a germ dies, the machine gets broken or smashed, so it can’t operate anymore.

So even if the machine is inside your body, it can’t harm you (and the pieces are cleaned up by your immune system or digestive system).