Why do the wealthy benefit from welfare?


Why do the wealthy benefit from welfare?

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We have a system where somebody had to do all the crappy jobs but we dont want to pay a lot. Welfare allows people to just kind of scrape by while doing those marginal jobs. For instance a large percentage of Walmart’s hourly employees rely on welfare to make ends meet. Welfare represents a cut rate way of maintaining a slave class.


Here’s another WalMart example…the Obama administration cut SNAP (food stamps) funding in it’s 6th or 7th annual budget. Walmart and it’s lobbyists got pissed and threw a tempertantrum because a very large portion of their profits (about 18 percent) rely on/are generated from food stamps. It’s projected that over the past decade, the Walton’s have made about 12 billion from people collecting this one category of “welfare”.