Why do these equipment have a warning?


I work operating medical devices, and when I was reading the user manual I saw a warning:

Per FCC regulations, maintain a distance of at least 7.8 inches/20 cm between the Radio Card on the unit and a human body.

What does it mean? I work with many units all day and it kind of scares me after reading this warning. The wireless is enabled but it is never in use.

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It contains a signal booster or transmitter which can emit a few Watts of radio energy. The FCC has two classes of devices, portable and mobile. Your device is considered mobile, not portable.

>[Portable devices are normally those used within 20 centimeters of the body and must be evaluated with respect to SAR limits. Mobile
devices are normally used 20 centimeters or more away from the body and can be evaluated in terms of either SAR or field intensity. ](https://transition.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Engineering_Technology/Documents/bulletins/oet56/oet56e4.pdf)

This only explains the 20 cm specification. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t stick your head right next to the radio card.