Why do urinals flush?



It seems like pee would be just as efficient flowing through pipes all alone? I know some urinals are flush-free, but it just seems like they all could be that way

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Even if most pee flushes down, some pee will get left behind. The water is just for an extra rinse to assure the least ammount of pee stays and prevent the fast build up of smell

It stinks, you flush to clean the leftovers. The water-free urinals have systems to reduce the odour. And they still stink.

Additionally, without water, the pipes very quickly get clogged by the build-up of “kidney stones”.

Urinals with water are there to make sure everything “moves downhill” and keep the uric-acid diluted. It also keeps the urinal washed clean.

With waterless urinals, the water use is significantly reduced. But to make sure that uric-acid crystals do not build up in the pipes, the wash sinks have to be installed upstream of the urinals to keep the acid diluted.

The urinal has a water trap to keep sewer gasses from entering the building through the pipes. You don’t want the urine to just sit in the trap because it will begin to smell. The flushing rinses the sides and flushes the urine out of the trap. Your sinks, showers, and toilets all have traps.