Why do we commonly eat ocean predators (tuna, sharks, salmon, etc) but not land predators?


Why do we commonly eat ocean predators (tuna, sharks, salmon, etc) but not land predators?

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Because catching/keeping ocean predators is a lot safer than land predators. Imagine a farm where they keep wolves for a minute. Keeping them will be way harder and more dangerous than keeping cows. The wolves will definitely not be as easy to herd as a group of cows, and transporting them also takes a lot of risk. In the case of ocean predators, these risks aren’t there. All you need to catch/farm ocean predators are a ship and a good net.

Land predators tend to have very small numbers compared to prey animals, also it would be very dangerous to hunt things that could hunt you. So that’s why land predators aren’t on our regular menu. In the ocean, it’s all the same danger level to us, and animals like tuna and salmon tend to appear in large numbers.

Except for some algae grazing organisms technically speaking almost all ocean life is some kind of predator. Most fish prey on other fish/crustacean/etc.

Land predators don’t taste good. I bet lion tastes horrible, too much muscle and not enough fat.

Not a scientist but if i were to think critically with a little bit of googling…

-Breeding takes up to 2-4 weeks depending on the fish.

-When its time to to start laying eggs, fish produce hundreds (even thousands) of eggs in a matter of days.

-Most fish dont need to mate. They produce eggs on their own. Which makes fish very easy to farm.

– Based on my current fish, egg and tofu diet, ive learned that fish helps develop grey matter in your brain because of fatty acids. Improving attention span, memory and even eyesight. Fish is one of the healthiest proteins you can consume. In fact, Its almost life saving. Tuna being the most richest in nutrients.

On land you have to feed them animals, which will be expensive, beside the fact, that you have to farm that animals as well. So it’s simple not lucrative.

That said, you can get crocodile meat in some restaurants.