Why do we die naturally?


If you die in your sleep, why is it that the heart for example just decides: Okay let’s just start not working.

Edit: I don’t mean heart attacks or strokes but more like “died in sleep, didn’t wake up next morning”

In: Biology

Because our cells are constantly dividing and replicating new versions of itself but every time a cell divides the DNA gets damaged a tiny miniscule amount but over the course of 80 years that DNA damage starts adding up. and It gets to the point where more bad cells are created then good ones.

Cells have a natural built-in system called apoptosis in which if they are not good they will kill themselves. If one or two cells do this no big deal but if most of them start doing this then problems are happening

Once one organ system starts to fail, without powerful medical intervention it starts to drag the rest down with it. When someone actually passes away “in their sleep” it usually means either the lungs failed or the heart did (oftentimes they both kind of fail at the same time in people who are old and ready to die). The part of your brain that controls those two organs is so low in the brain stem that barring a massive stroke, those usually fail on their own for any of a long list of reasons before the brain itself shuts them down

My father-in-law was dying of bone cancer. I was talking to him in his final days and he told me he can “feel” death coming. He was a WW2 vet and a realist, he said it’s coming from his feet up. Right then it was at his knees. In a week it was at his waist. He knew that when it reached his chest/heart show was over. 3 days later it reached hischest and indeed he died. Brave cool old timer.