why do we “drop our jaws” when we see offsetting or amazing?


Whats the scientific reason behind this reaction??

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Darwin argued that humans have evolved a set of universally recognizable facial expressions that reveal their emotional state to others, and psychologists (e.g. Ekman) have confirmed that some facial expressions are indeed recognized in the same way worldwide (but others have shown that culture also plays a modifying role). In the perspective of evolution, it might be somewhat by chance that the open mouth was the expression that came to be associated with surprise/shock, it could just as well have been a different facial expression that evolved to have this role.

Some body functions are automatic but can also be controlled. Breathing it is typical example of this. The jaw floats about and you can to decide to clench it but it will clench automatically to protect you. When all of your brain is busy being amazed, all of that intentional clenching is off, and the jaw drops.