Why do we feel pressure on our chest when we are overwhelmed with sadness or happiness?


I don’t really know how it’s called, but there are moments that when I feel so overwhelmed with sadness, happiness or emotions overall that I get this pressure feeling on my chest. Does it have a name? Why does it happen?

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I think it happens because we are reaching the inner part of ourselves.

We find a way to see things going on around us and eventually those things are finding their paths within our souls of either close to complete perfections or desires that we never thought we had so we react to them surprisingly without our control.

I believe it is a spiritual reactions we never knew was within us


Stress can do that. “When you’re anxious, your brain sends a surge of adrenaline and cortisol through your body. These hormones immediately trigger a rapid rise in your heart rate and blood pressure. As a result, many people experience chest pain and sweating, or have a hard time breathing.” https://www.woodlandsheartinstitute.com/blog/anxiety-and-chest-pain-are-they-linked#:~:text=When%20you're%20anxious%2C%20your,have%20a%20hard%20time%20breathing.

I’m not a doctor. But I think it has to do in part with the autonomous nervous system, your blood pressure, your overall heart and big arteries’s health, the aorta and etc. When we are overwhelmed with sadness and happiness MANY things happen “in the background”, our bodies go through many physiological processes. The simpathic and parassimpathic systems which regulate your heart beat and functionality need to be 100% fine.

If one of these process would be compromised, you would feel the symptoms. For example if there is clogging by fat plaques going on inside your blood vessels, your heart would have to work harder and then you would feel a pressure inside your chest. When you are overwhelmed with sadness or happiness.

But I think you may want to see a doctor so you can check if everything is all right with your heart, your arteries and your health.

Its chest pain which is technically angina.

Any time you have chest pain, its medical term is angina.
Angina is a sign of an ischemic attack, which is partly why panic attacks can be so frightening.

Panic attacks can cause autonomic responses like increased pulse, due to the fear invoking your fight or flight response, releasing adrenaline in preparatio, which raises your pulse. This can cause coronary artery spasm, which then causes this ischemic angina pain. Its still an ischemic pain, even if its not an ischemic event. Its ischemic pain, presumably because the heart is pumping blood faster than the oxygen you breathe, is capable of oxygenating it, which doesnt allow highly oxygenated blood to enter the smallest blood vessels So you will have a slightly lowered O2 level (not clinically low, but slightly on the low normal side) which causes ischemic pain. Studies have shown “increased microvascular resistance” and “reduced coronary blood flow”

However, its important to understand that for people who have actual ischemia, (they have a lack of oxygen to tissues even without the panic) a panic attack can indeed induce an actual ischemic attack.

Its kindof neat to read about actually.

Oh and excitement and panic both produce the same autonomic responses (involuntarily increased pulse) and feel very alike, as a result. It can sometimes be hard to differentiate between excitement and nervousness, for instance.

If a person has chest pain while in a particular position, or only while doing a moving activity, and it subsides when they sit down and rest for a few minutes, this is a sign of having ischemia that is chronic and obstruction related, but is not solely panic related.

Theres more details, if you also want a more in depth explanation, here:

Ein Mann von Ehre, die Gute Paulaner Spezi


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Most of the answers you were given so far overlooked what you said about happiness or sadness, nothing to do with pain. Just a natural response telling you that your a compassionate person.
I may be talking nonsense here but that’s what I feel when I’m moved bye a birth of a baby or the death of someone close.