Why do we get dry/sore throats?


Why do we get dry/sore throats?

In: Biology

Dry throat is probably due to a combination of either the environment, over-ventilation via the oropharynx (mouth breathing), or a lack of mucosal secretions (saliva and snot). Sore throat is most likely due to inflammation from bacteria or a virus.

Your throat is constantly secreting saliva and mucous. When something causes it to secrete less or the secretions to dry up faster, you get a dry throat. Dehydration can cause this, as well as allergies and some sickness. You can also physically dry it out by giving it too much exposure to air, like by singing, playing a wind instrument, and sometimes snoring

Sore throats are the muscles and tissue in your throat being sore. It’s caused by muscle overuse(singing, wind instruments) it tissue trauma(infection or physical damage like something hitting the back of your throat or someone punching you in the throat.