Why do we get goosebumps when we hear a song or see a movie scene?


Why do we get goosebumps when we hear a song or see a movie scene?

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Basically positive memories and experiences you have create “channels” in your brain and when a movie or song strikes those channels it feels good. Those emotions can be happy, sad, etc. That’s basically how Nostalgia works in a nutshell.

For example a video like [this](https://youtu.be/waAlgFq9Xq8)

It’s strike a cord of modern music, with 80s nostalgia, tied into young love that we have all experienced or wished we had experienced. Blend together and you tickle your brains 🧠

It’s all because of your brain’s network.

Imagine two cities: **Emotion City** which is focused on processing emotions, and **Music City** is focused on processing music.

Those two cities are connected by highways that share information. When you hear music, **Music City** processes it and sends it over to **Emotion City**. However, *maybe* because some people only have a few highways, the information doesn’t arrive quickly enough, and sometimes **Emotion City** isn’t really interested in it. You *like* the music you’re hearing, but it doesn’t make your body react.

For the people who get chills, goosebumps, or other physical reactions to music, they have *more* highways connecting the two cities. So you hear music, and then **Music City** floods **Emotion City** with information, and you *feel* the music in your body, like an emotion.

Now, *why* some people have more highways than others is not fully understood.

YOU may get goosebumps, but most people don’t. There is nothing left in this world that is ” unpredictable “. That’s where true goosebumps come from. . This was before we became a totally desensitized society, inundated with social media. I am old , and haven’t experienced them in years . Wish I could. Enjoy your journey.