Why do we like unhealthy food so much?

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Couldn’t our biological organisms just prefer the healthy food? It would give us larger chance of survival so genes preferring healthy food should be more popular.

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Because our brains were not designed or evolved for the modern age. Taste, much like smell, has been an evolutionary mechanism that allows our brain to determine what is “good” and what is “bad.” Rotten and spoiled foods taste bad because our brain has hardwired us to recognize that these foods are dangerous, they can get us sick, don’t eat it. However, good foods taste good because it is full of energy which our brain associated with “good” because it was hardwired for us to be active all day with hunting for food or migrating to new locations with no guarantee you would find any more. However, in our modern world, most of us have no need for that much energy anymore so all of that energy that isn’t used gets stored as fat for our body to use at a later time, but having too much fat causes a large variety of issues which is why it is unhealthy.

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