Why do we need to free up some space for software updates?


It’s just frustrating sometimes especially my watch requires 3gb of space for it to update. Now I have to delete apps and data. Doesn’t it feel like a rip off? Shouldn’t be the update space separate?

In: Technology

You need to have space to download the files, oftentimes those files are compressed and need to be decompressed (expanded) so they can be put in the right spot. It would be a terrible day if the update just tried to replace files needing update as it downloaded them, because if *anything* happened – internet disconnected, your device restarts, etc. – then it could royally screw up how the device works. So it *has* to download everything and make sure it’s all there before it starts replacing/updating files.

You need space in the kitchen to bring all the groceries in, before you’re able to unpack them and put them away.

You need space on your device to get the updates, before it’s able to unpack them and install them.