Why do we not see teams run a dual QB(Only 1 plays) system in a whole year? (NFL)


Why do we not see teams run a dual QB(Only 1 plays) system in a whole year? (NFL)

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Running 2 different QBs generally means they have two different styles of offenses.

This is a sure inductor of what type of defense needs to be run to counter that particular offense.

I don’t follow sports and haven’t watched it in a while, but Ohio State did run a fairly successful dual QB offense at least 1 year that i saw.

By the time you get up to the Pro level, your offense is going to be pretty much set based on the talents you have on the team and having 2 different styles of QB isn’t really going to help.

Then there is the money factor. Spending a lot of money in order to have two very talented QBs means you are going to be lacking in other crucial areas.

NFL offenses are very complex, and the types of plays that they run are chosen based upon the skills of the “skills players” – those who end up with the ball.

If you have multiple quarterbacks, their skillsets are not going to be the same, and that means the offense needs to be tuned for both quarterbacks. Adds more plays and more variations of plays, which reduces the practice time per play and tends to be more confusing.

And the obvious problem of the salary cap – good quarterbacks are one of the highest-paid players on the whole team, and you generally can’t afford to carry two that are NFL starters – assuming you could find them.

Best comparison I can think of is having 2 teachers run a classroom. Schools CAN do it, but you don’t really see it happening. Imagine the chaos if you have the substitute teacher and regular teacher teach the way they both normally do.

The New Orleans Saints ran it pretty well (sort of) with Taysom Hill being the #2 QB. But, he was mainly playing a different position the whole time. It was generally a “trick play” or it was a QB run with Hill .

The major issues with a 2 QB team would be how well the other players can have a good synergy with both quarterbacks. It takes a lot of time to develop, and NFL has limited practice time. There isn’t enough money to do so anyways.

Plus, 11 players on the field all have their purpose. 2 QB means one will generally be doing nothing, giving an advantage to the defense. The second QB doing nothing because they tend to not be as skilled as the specialists in other positions AND you don’t want them to get hurt.