Why do we yawn?


Why do we yawn?

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It can be for many reasons having to do with your body either needing more oxygen or using it to regulate your internal temperate or pressure in the ears. It also promotes wakefulness and attention, which is why we associate it with being tired or not getting enough sleep. It’s believed to be contagious for social reasons. Yawning is handled by a part of our nervous system that’s autonomous as a reflex, which is why we can’t usually control when we do it.

As far as I’ve read, we don’t know for sure. There are a variety of theories, and maybe they’re each partially true. But there is not a definitive answer

I know this one! Basically our yawining promotes brain cooling functions AND help boost our cortical levels which affect our memories in a positive way. Theres a ton more to be learned from yawning but that is one function that has been scientifically proven.