Why do wisdom teeth have to grow late instead of just growing with our other teeth?


I asked my surgeon before I got mine taken out but his answer was not a clear answer. Seemed to me like he just beat around the bushes.

In: Biology

As we grow parts of us get larger, and this includes our jaws. Way back before we were humans our jaws would have continued to grow and allow space for the wisdom teeth. Now though our jaws don’t get so large and the teeth become crowded.

If they came in all at once the jaws wouldn’t have had enough room even when they were helpful.

Teeth can’t grow after they erupted but your bone can still grow. So your jaw is still growing and leaves space for more teeth later on in life. Here is a good article about how bone growth is related to Stress and how our food choices impact our jaw sie: https://theweek.com/articles/711196/evolutionary-reason-why-teeth-are-crooked

Also there is a theory that wisdom teeth pushed gaps together to account for lost teeth early in life but I can’t currently find proof of I remember this correctly.

And last because they are not needed anymore more and more people don’t have any wisdom teeth anymore, so evolution is actually getting rid of them!