Why do you feel “zapped” after being out in the sun?



Edit clarification : feel zapped or drained/tired.

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The tingling/cooking feeling on your skin, and any white/blue tint to your vision is UV Radiation,
PS it’s not good for you

I think dehydration is a factor. During a day on the beach or by the pool you tend not to drink enough water. If you’re drinking alcohol outside in the sun that makes it even worse.

Not a biologist, so sorry if anything is wrong.

Being in the sun makes the body work harder to maintain your internal temperature. It causes vasodilation (blood vessels change size to regulate temperature), sweating, and increased heart rate. All that work wears you out.

Your skin is also taking damage from the sun, even if you’re not noticing a big sunburn. The damaged skin cells cause inflammation, much like when you’re injured or sick, also causing tiredness.

I’ve dug around looking for the answer and I’ve noticed a few other reasons that are given around the web, like the sun messing with your melatonin production (a hormone that regulates sleep), but I’m not too sure how much (or if) these things figure into it.