Why do you get hangover?


Why do you get hangover?

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I can’t speak for you but I get hangovers because alcohol is a poison. Hangovers are due to poisonous byproducts of alcohol.

Ethanol is essentially a poison that we can tolerate up to a certain amount. Ethanol particles are really small and when they pass through our brain cells, it interferes with their ability to talk to each other. Ethanol is also diuretic, meaning it makes us pee more (just like coffee) which causes dehydration.

So, it’s mainly the dehydration that causes the headache that comes with a hangover. Other than that, your body is trying to break down and expel the poison.

Your body has a hormone called vasopressin which keeps you from peeing frequently. When you drink alcohol, vasopressin is suppressed and as a result, you pee much more. This results in dehydration, which is the main cause for the headaches.

dehydration, lack of nutrition. vomiting worsens these things, alcohol withdrawals are shit and get worse as you get older as your organs get less good over time so they’re like “ok dude let’s just give this bastard a hangover so we don’t have to do as much work”.
gastrolyte or hydralyte or berocca is really good for hangovers. or powerade.
also lack of sleep from caffeine and sugar especially when added to drinks, eg: pre mixes all are gonna keep you awake and have a nasty crash and make you feel worse.
i suppose people don’t study enough into harm reduction so they can suffer more.
alcohol isn’t the same as like eating fruit or something, alcohol is not a natural thing made for ingestion.
that’s about all i know, but basically alcohol just makes your body mad at you