: Why does a lower budget film lead to worse CGI



Often times in a low budget film, the CGI is a lot worse than the CGI in a higher budget film. Why is this the case?

In: Technology

CGI takes many hours of people animating said CGI and therefore costs more money. People that are really good at CGI also charge more than people who can do it for cheap.

Similar to why using a low budget app (free) vs a paid app produces a different quality experience. CGI takes a lot of time so you have to have a decent budget for it. Low budget movies = low budget CGI

CGI is insanely expensive to do, even more expensive if you want it done well. You’ve only got the money you’ve got, so you have a trade off– you want CGI? Fine, but it ain’t gonna look too good.

You want good CGI? Sure, give us 12 months to do it, and I’ll have our 120 best people working on it but its gonna cost you many millions of dollars. Oh you only have a $1M budget? Yeah, umm, well we have this budget package for you…

* CGI is expensive.
* Better CGI costs more money.
* Low budget means less money for good CGI.