Why does a shower makes you feel good and how is it helpful when you’re ill?


I always heard (and felt) the benefits of showering to relax and it has always made me fell better when ill. Why is that?

In: Biology

Steam. Helps with breathing as it opens up your airways. Heat of hot water relaxes muscles.

It used to be thought when you had a fever the increase in body temperature was enough to destroy the pathogens in your body while not harming normal body cells. Now the prevailing idea is that in order to increase the body temperature enough to kill pathogens you would absolutely kill body cells as well. Which is why a high fever is such a bad thing. So why do we have fevers? It’s through this it actually opens things up in the body and gets the fluids moving faster. Really normally the body does this to try to remove the heat actually, however it also allows the body’s immune system to work better by allowing it to move around the body faster and with less obstacles to put it simply. So by having a hot shower you are sort of replicating this effect and heating up your whole system helping things get moving and reinvigorated.

Showers make you feel clean. Your body feels fresh and you will be relaxed. Shower steam helps clear a stuffy nose when you’re feeling sick. Helps cool your body down if you have a high fever. Showers are the best!