why does alcohol burns like hell when we put it in a cut or bruise?


why does alcohol burns like hell when we put it in a cut or bruise?

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VR1 receptors send singable to the nerves, signifying something is hot/burning. Same for spicy food

Alcohol makes your nerves respond in the same way they do to touching really hot things. (Binds to the same receptors, etc.)

Speaking of which…

Interestingly a technique I found for much more rapid cut healing, and much less scaring is to:


1) Pour vinegar on the cut.

2) Next sprinkle a HUGE amount of salt on the wound. (Just cover it completely with a thick layer of salt!)


It stings like super-heck, but only for a few seconds, give or take, and then it just switches over to a kind of numb tingling sensation.

You then have to repeat the treatment each day for a few days, depending on the cut.


As a BONUS: the salt granules are very effective at helping stem the bleeding.

Interestingly the US military uses specialized fine micro powders to rapidly stem bleeding. For some reason or another, powders seem to help stop bleeding, so in that sense the salt is acting like a powder.

But ya, I’m quite surprised and shocked at how much faster cuts and wounds will heal with this salting-technique on myself anyways.

(And yes, I know that’s just anecdotal.)



Of course for very deep cuts, or cuts obviously needing stitches, you have to go the doctor and get stitches and proper treatment instead!


As for why the salt seems to work so well (with me at least)…

It makes some sense scientifically, in that salt is a HIGHLY powerful anti-bacterial substance.

It utterly desiccates bacterial cells of their water.


For many centuries fisherman would pack their fish-catch in really high levels of salt for storage, and the fish would be safely edible even months later, given how the salt killed nearly all the bacteria in the region.

(They’d have to fillet and cut open the fish before packing, to maximize the amount of fish-flesh exposed to the salt however-so there was preparation involved in using that method).



Gargling with very salty water can even rapidly heal a bad soar throat. I was once highly prone to repeated severe soar throats that would usually take 2 weeks worth of antibiotics to heal.

But now, I blast the bacteria by gargling ultra-high-salty water, and I’m usually completely cured in about 2 days only instead!

NOTE: Gargling with extremely salty water is pretty painful if you have a bad soar throat, and then the salt gets into your nose and triggers a strong burning sensation in your mucous membranes, which is not very pleasant.

But usually with just 3 to 4 such unpleasant treatments like that, my throat infection is gone, in a total of 2 days.