Why does being on hold make us so angry?


Why does being on hold make us so angry?

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Because of the shitty music, unqualified operators usually from India with fake White person names, then they lie and say they can’t do anything until you threaten to cancel our service until they accommodate the inconvenience we feel needs to be repaid. Why would anyone enjoy that lol

I don’t get angry, but I do get annoyed. Here are some of the reasons

* It’s a waste of time.

* You have no idea how long it will be so you can’t do something else while waiting

* Often, the quality (not to mention the selection) of “hold” music is dreadful

* Being a captive audience for endless promotional chatter (basically commercials) is highly annoying

Edit to add:

* Being told “Your call is important to us…”. If I’m so important, get me off hold and let’s get this conversation moving!

Because of the implication that the waste of 40 minutes of your time is of no value compared with the salary of a tier 1 support person. That is literally $10 or so.

Lack of information on how long this will continue.

Lack of respect to you on a personal level in that no one can be bothered to talk to you, so your time is less important than their time.

Information about did you know you can go to our website… If I could do what I want to do on your website I would have already be doing it. So you are treating me like an idiot.

Music is not only poor quality, but looped into an awful repeat so you can predict what is going to occur.