Why does heat hurt?


Hot particles are moving faster than cold particles. Is that why it hurts? Is our skin getting ‘caught’ in these particles? Is it the friction of the particles?

In: Biology

Not really, this movement is not what hurts. As far as I know, the skin can “measure” the heat and sends out a signal to your brain to warn you

Heat hurts when it damages you. The reason being damaged hurts is because your brain and body have evolved to identify it for survival.

Heat causes damage because it breaks apart your body through processes like burning

The skin has receptors for both pain (nociceptors) and the temperature (baroreceptor) to send signals to the brain they need the adequate stimulus. The more stimulus they receive the higher the frequency of that signal. In this case your skin will feel the heat and know these receptors frequency is very high and your body knows it is in pain. Pain is subject and these receptors have a threshold