Why does it burn when dry skin finally gets moisturized?


Why does it burn when dry skin finally gets moisturized?

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It could mean that your skin is so dry that it has micro-abrasions from it splitting (like chapped hands in the winter) and when it does get moisturized it can sting a little, which happened to me while I was taking Accutane. This happens when you start using moisturizers for the first time every day. Don’t stop though, it should go away after a week or 2 of everyday moisturization, but if your skin remains red warm, and inflamed for a prolonged time after your moisturizer has dried or it breaks you out then I would switch products to something more gentle.

Moisturisers are mixtures, and any one of the ingredients could make your skin *tingle*… the question is why.

I personally have eczema, so my skin cells are full of “holes” and not as structural as a normal person. So when I use moisturisers, rather than sitting on the top (stratum corneum) they enter deeper into my skin… but after moisturising for many days, it stops because I use a moisturiser with ingredients like ceramides to make my skin more even.

Dry skin, is essentially the top gets dehydrated AND doesn’t fall off like it should – think a dead leaf that’s still on a branch.

So when you moisturise, your under layers are exposed. Like a sore. And similar to my eczema, it hurts a little because it’s going deeper than it should.

Cosmetics like moisturisers aren’t food grade necessarily, but this tingling is harmless if you’re using the moisturiser to make your skin better *over the long term*.

Find a moisturiser that doesn’t burn. It’s possible!
For aaaaaages I thought that the burn just meant it was working but it turns out there are moisturisers that work and don’t burn.
That was a good day