Why does it feel easier to use the wrong movements



Why is it easier to say lift with your back i stead of using your legs? Basically, why is it more common for people to use the wrong type of movement for tasks that increases their risk of injury?

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It isn’t necessarily “wrong” and the other isn’t necessarily “right”.

If you’re bending over to pick up some light and small off the ground, bending at the waist is probably the more Efficient way to do it compared to fully squatting down. And lifting something light you aren’t really likely to injure/strain your back. So in that situation it’s a fine way to do it.

The problem is that when people get into that habit and they apply it to lifting heavier things. When you’re living your daily life you’re just going to use muscle memory to pick something up, which if it is something heavier, then yes bending at the waist is bad and might lead to you hurting yourself.

Lifting with your legs is necessary for picking a log up off the ground, it isn’t as necessary for lifting a pencil. But when people don’t switch to lifting with your legs for heavier things problems occur.

To add onto what the other commenter said, it’s also because you just don’t notice when the *right* movement is easier – it’s just the way you’ve always done it. To answer a bit more of your question, it’s sometimes “easier” because you often use less muscles doing something with proper form (you wouldn’t use your stabilizer muscles as much), and so you get used to doing it the wrong way.

Efficiency and safety are at odds. Your body would rather use less energy and therefore defaults to the movement that involves lifting less mass, bending at the waist means you don’t have to move your thighs up and down. Bending at the knees takes more energy as you have to move more of the mass in your body. The problem is the muscles in your lower back are weaker than the muscles in your legs and therefore more likely to tear if you bend at the waist. Using your legs is safer, but uses more energy. People get tired and default to the low energy solution.