Why does it usually feel better to lie on one side of your body than the other?


I’ve noticed this when I’m sleeping; sometimes, lying on my right side feels uncomfortable, so I’ll lie on my left, or vice versa.

In: Biology

Being completely still puts pressure on the skin and tissue below which restricts the blood flow which triggers pain in that area. The discomfort you’re feeling is like a very very minor bedsore. If you were to stay completely still for multiple days the tissue would die and you’d end up with a hole in your skin that would continue to grow deeper. These are known as bedsores or pressure ulcers

Its because of the digestive system if you lay on one side digestive fluids wont work properly and you will get acid reflux and gas but if you lay on the other side your digestive juices will flow properly and you will be comfortable. The bodys organs aren’t exactly even especially the digestive tract so gravity plays a role aswell