Why does lactose-free milk taste sweeter than normal milk?



Theres a mild sweetness to it.

In: Chemistry

When lactose is broken down, either by heat or with enzymes, it makes glucose and galactose. Both of those taste much sweeter to us than lactose. To make lactose free milk, they just break down the lactose into the glucose and galactose, so with so much more floating around, it tastes sweeter


Lactose is a sugar, as the same suggest. The issue is that humans can not digest it, but gut bacteria can. Babies and about 30% of adults do however produce an enzyme called lactase which breaks the lactose into sugars which can be digested by humans, galactose and glucose. Lactose free milk have lactase added to it so that this happen in the milk before you drink it. However glucose tastes much sweeter then lactose.