why does not getting enough sleep make your body tired?


Obviously I get why not enough sleep makes your brain tired and that you might be laying down a lot if you’re sleepy, but why does you body act like its just done something physically straining? Like when you don’t sleep enough your hands and legs are all shaky, yesterday I went about my normal day after very little sleep the night before and now today (after a normal night of sleep) my body is aching as if it was working hard yesterday when all I did was work at my computer and walk around the house a bit

In: Biology

while our cells produce ATP (energy) at the same time they produce adenosine. Adenosine gets to our brain where it triggers adonosine receptors that causes us to feel tired. During the sleep our brain absorbs and redistributes adenosine.

The two main hormones involved with sleep are cortisol (stress hormone) and melatonin (sleep hormone). If you don’t sleep enough, your body releases a bunch of cortisol and not enough melatonin. This leads to a host of problems, including muscle fatigue.