why does pizza shop shredded mozzarella have better flavor and melt smoother than grocery store shredded mozzarella?



why does pizza shop shredded mozzarella have better flavor and melt smoother than grocery store shredded mozzarella?

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Pre-shredded cheese comes with anti-clumping agents that stop the shreds from sticking together. It probably keeps it from melting properly.

You have to be careful about what you buy. A lot of grocery store mozzarella is low-fat or part-skim, avoid those, they melt like shit because of the low fat content. Also avoid fresh mozzarella, it’s delicious and melts beautifully, but has too much water so it will make your pizza soggy. As for the flavor, many pizza places also use a mixture of cheeses rather than straight mozzarella, most commonly mixing in some combination of parmesan, romano, provolone, fontina, or asiago.

I used to run a pizza restaurant and I think the main difference is that we shredded our own cheese. Low moisture part skim mozzarella that came in 5 pound blocks. Because it is freshly shredded, it doesn’t contain anticlumping agents like cornstarch like preshredded cheese does.

[This video by Adam Ragusea](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bxlet-gq4Ho) does a good job of explaining the difference between the cheese you can get at the super market and the cheese that pizza places use. It comes down to the content of water and oil in the cheese, and the cheese that pizza places use are sometimes only sold specifically to food establishments

preshredded cheese often contains anticlumping agents that are not cheese. and part skim mozz is not as good as whole milk mozz.

Pretty much all pizza shop mozzarella is made by Leprino Foods, and is made specifically for pizza. It will have a lower moisture content so that it browns sooner, allowing the pizza joint to get more pies through the ovens in the same amount of time. Each major chain has their own specific recipe that Leprino produces for them, and then there’s probably a generic one for everyone else.

My fix has been upping the heat considerably. Using wimpy heat that does the bare minimum of melting the cheese wont cut it, you gotta make sure all the heat goes to the cheese and not the crust too.

Hold your cheese to a lighter. Cheese should melt and drip, not catch on fire.
Whole milk over skim milk mozz all day IMO

Look up Brick Cheese

A Canadian Police Officer got charged smuggling it over to Canada as it is the best cheese for pizza..

First, if you want to be genuine, you shouldn’t use shredded mozzarella of any kind but you should use mozzarella di bufula.

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Most (mainly in America) use shredded mozzarella because it is cheaper