Why does rebooting a phone help fix some issues?


Apps not working, cellular dating not connecting when it should, etc

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probably because it kills all the processes that may have gotten hung up or frozen and restarts them

Clears memory, closes processes that may have been running in the background.

Its really the same reasoning as why taking a break works in humans.

Have you ever followed a checklist to accomplish a task? They are usually written in a way that assumes certain things.

For example, say I made a checklist on how to make a cup of tea. It might look something like this:

1. Go to the kitchen
2. Grab the kettle from the counter
3. Fill the kettle with water
4. Put the kettle on the stove
5. Turn the stove on
6. Open the bottom-left drawer to get the tea bags
7. Open the top-left drawer to get a cup
8. Put the tea bag in the cup
9. Once the kettle has finished boiling the water, pour the water into the cup

This seems like it should work every time, but what if someone took the tea bags from the bottom-left drawer and forgot to put them back? Someone following these instructions would be stuck on step 6, since they wouldn’t know where the tea bags are, and they wouldn’t be able to finish making the cup of tea.

Or what if the stove is unplugged, or currently being used? Or what if there are no more clean cups in the drawer? Or what if the kettle is dirty or broken?

These instructions only work if everything is in its expected place, and everything needed is in the expected condition.

A computer is like a super busy kitchen, with everyone sharing all sorts of equipment and ingredients. Ideally, everyone is putting things back where they found them once they’re done using it, but that doesn’t always happen. So the longer people are working in this kitchen, the more likely problems like this are going to occur.

Rebooting a computer or phone is like telling everyone to stop doing work for the day and to put everything back where they found it before they head home. That way, the next day when everyone starts working again, everything is in its expected place and condition, and instructions will start to work again.

For human, its called power nap.. After you power nap you feel revitalized and fresh, that’s because you removed some unnecessary thoughts in your memory. Same thing with any other gadgets that has memory.