Why does the audio quality is worse than video quality in online conferences or calls even if both are are digital signals ?


I am able to do video calls and conference at quite a good resolution now compared to what I was able to do 3-4 years ago but the audio quality is still behind. Is it any technical problem or its the choice of device manufacturers to not upgrade it. Because at the end Processing method (digital) and transmission Network signal is is same for both

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It’s likely the sensor. You have a much better camera in your device than the microphone. It you buy a nice headset, you can get a mic with much better sound properties, like noise cancellation.

Digital encoding has to do with how much a signal changes. Chances are on video, the images are quite static. they don’t change that much over time. It’s just a person’s face like 99% of the time right.

But with audio, the signal is constantly changing. So if you lose some info, that has a bigger effect on audio because the information in audio is more important for us to make out what is being said.

The other thing is, the human visual system is a lot more forgiving to visual information loss vs. auditory. You can lose quite a bit of info in a picture before a human would even notice it but with audio, particularly speech, almost all the bits of info being sent affect how clearly we hear.

Good audio takes a decent microphone and a good audio environment.

If you have that, audio quality should be excellent unless the service is using a truly enormous amount of compression.