Why does the body get kidney stones and how do they even form?



I’ve tried searching this but I’m legitimately confused as to why and how kidney stones come to exist in somebody?

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Kidney stones is solid urea. Lack of water causes kidney stones. Urea being what makes pee yellow and smell pungent.

EDIT: Turns out it might not be urea? Concept is the same in the end. Stay hydrated or kidney stones.

Kidney stones form when there is too much crystal forming substances like calcium and uric acid that the urine can’t dissolve. It builds up in the kidneys. Sometimes a body doesn’t produce enough substances that help break the crystals down.
The crystals form together into larger “stones”

Edit: a word

Calcium, oxalates, phosphates, or other elements of the food and drink are not properly processed by the kidney and build up from small crystals into “stones”. Calcium Oxalate stones are the most common… can be caused by too much calcium or too many oxalates (found in things like peanuts, spinach, etc.). Based off your body and the “enzymes” your kidney has available, these normal items for your kidney to process aren’t voided completely.

Drinking plenty/copious amounts of water plays a large part in prevention of kidney stones, but… in some cases, there are defects within the kidney that exacerbate the build-up of stones and almost no amount of hydration will solve the problem. Your kidney is full of “pockets” and sometimes these are malformed such that it’s nearly impossible to flush them completely. There’s also the possibility of having malformation of the ureter (the connecting line from kidney to bladder) such that the kidney doesn’t flush completely to the bladder.

Source: History of Calcium Oxalate stones, congenital UPJ (Uretero-pelvic Junction) obstruction, and multiple kidney surgeries over the past 10 years