Why does the body still get hungry when there is excess stored fat?


Basically as the title says. If I’m already obese right, why does my stomach still feel hungry when it has “food at home” aka an excess stored up as fat. Why would it not just utilize the energy that is already there and then when it gets to a certain body fat percentage become hungry again at that point? Why does the body just continue to store up fat to an uncomfortable and unhealthy point and keeps asking for more food when there is already so much available to it?

UPDATE: Thank you everyone for your responses. There are lots of great explanations and viewpoints here 😊.

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Because not so long ago there was no guarantee where or when the next meal is coming so humans evolved to eat and get hungry at regular intervals to find more food. Fast forward to today ands that’s still in place but the body stores fat just in case it’s a long time until that next meal but still makes you hungry on the regular.

Hunger come when concentation of certain usefull compounds in blood drops. Those compounds are used to create many things in body. Burning fat creates different set of compounds which are ignored in determining hunger level

Your stomach and the part of your brain which demands you to eat don’t know or care about your stored fat. It is easier for your body to ingest more food if avaialable than to break up the ‘seal’ of stored fat.

To a caveman’s body, fat = emergency supplies. The body gets hungry and looks for new food rather than eat the fat for the same reason a man with three months’ emergency food in his cabin that might get snowed in buys groceries when he visits the cabin. Emergency supplies are for when there is no other food, not for a snack.

Fat is emergency rations. There’s no point in using up the emergency supply before eating the food in front of us just for the food to rot and being unable to find more.

Before modern times, food scarcity was an inevitability, so our bodies evolved to deal with it. That means eating what we have available and storing the extra as fat to be used for future starvation.