Why does the lint collection that I pull out of the dryer always look like a greyish purple color?



Regardless of whether I am drying my whites or colors, the lint is always the same color. How does that happen? Is it connected to the color of the clothes inside?


If you literally put in only white clothes and get purple lint, you may have a fuzzy purple sock that slipped the gasket and is hiding in the casing. This sounds more like an electrician visit than a ELI5

You are collecting fuzz off the many clothes and materials you dry, all shedding, all contributing. The lint collection in the dryer lint collector is the color average of your personal taste, which is pretty awesome when you think about it.

If you just liked red, the fuzz would be red. But you enjoy all sorts of colors, so they combine to create a sorta gray lint. Since it has a purple tinge you probably prefer cool colors. I do too.