Why does the muslim world seem to be so far behind the rest of the world ?


Places like Asia seems to have made so many progress in the past 40 years. The muslim world however seems to be plagued by wars, corruption , poverty , despite having having many resources. It doesn’t produce science/culture and does not look like it’s improving.

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United Arab Emirates seem to be doing ok for themselves as a Muslim nation. And not everywhere in Asia is doing that well. Laos, Myanmar, Bangladesh etc. There are many different factors involved in how a nation develops.

Depends on which lens are you looking through. There are approximately 1.6 billion Muslim people on Earth, they can’t all be so far behind.

When Western countries keep bombing you back to the stone age every few decades… then you seem primitive.

Some countries have been pulled back to a theocracy from a more secular society (Iran, for example) but even that can be seen as a backlash to excessive Western influence (or straight up occupation).

Plus have you seen Dubai? Or Abu Dhabi? Very modern cities. Muslim countries are much more than the representation you see on TV.

Same with Africa, the image we see doesn’t reflect the positives of that massive continent.


Because the United States and Russia have been actively destabilizing the middle east for over half a century.

Europe and US have had a big boost during the past few centuries while the rest of the world was used as a resource pit. Same with Middle East and oil.

When you compare the knowledge ancient Islamic scholars, physicians, mathematicians, astronomers, etc,.. gave this world, yeah it looks bleak from an outsiders pov.

The European countries colonised most of the world excluding China / Japan etc. which is why those countries are so much more capable of keeping up with the west. Countries that were colonised by Europeans who became the dominant race (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand – they suppressed Native Americans, Aboriginals etc.) flourished because the people from those countries experiences a lot of freedom and therefore were able to focus on other interests. Other countries (mostly located in the middle east, Africa and South America) lived through years of oppression from the people who ruled them meaning that when they got free from colonial rule they were left with huge societal problems and trauma that caused distrust in institutions that hold power. Most of those countries are still dealing with those humanistic societal problems because the people don’t trust their governments (because their generational subconscious experience still remembers being oppressed by colonial governments) so they’re just too busy dealing with those problems to spend resources on things like science or culture.

However in reality there is actually a lot of classical art / crafts, and a lot of music and other types of local culture produced in a lot of those countries, it just doesn’t really reach a wide audience because its not well funded, and in order for something to become popular outside a country it needs to gain a large audience and make a lot of money within the local country first, which it can’t do if most of the people in those countries are more interested in survival than entertainment, which is the opposite of what happens the west.

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